Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A New Blog to Explore!

Well the buttas have been quite busy with new jobs, graduations, and busy schedules! But here is a new blog to enjoy:


We hope that you still use some of our favorite recipes that we have posted and hope to be back when life slows down some! Happy summer :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's up with the Buttas

Not sure about all the buttas but Mama B baked some delicious looking heart cookies for her loved ones (stole this from her facebook page!)

Our meeting and appetizers the other week was so much fun! It was great to catch up with everyone's happings over the holidays and see what everyone has been up to. The buttas sure have been busy and one baby butta even got a new job - way to go Blanche!!

Mama Butta had a list of all of our classes and we have had 20 classes!!! We have learned so much from our classes with Mama B.

Because everyone has become a little busier these days we have decided that we will not meet every week like we previously had been doing. Instead, we will meet every few weeks or once a month. Our blog postings obviously won't be as frequent but we will still post recipes and pictures. Tomorrow we are going to be making Lentil Soup - it will be a healthy start to our 2011 classes and its starting to get warmer here in Columbia so soon soup will be out of the question!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Girls are Back in Town!

We haven't been ignoring our blog - we simply have been too busy to get all the Buttas together! But tonight, since the holiday hustle and bustle is over, we are meeting up to discuss a new plan of action for our cooking class. We were able to all see each other on Saturday night and took some great pictures with our Mama Butta and our real mama's - I'm not sure who has those pictures but I'll be sure to hunt them down and post them! We are so excited to be reunited tonight and catch up and maybe talk about cooking- just kidding! I'm sure recipes will be posted very soon!! I'll keep you posted on the details of our meeting. Happy February!